What is pewter?

Pewter is a white metal alloy consisting principally of tin, with small amounts of antimony and copper. Please do NOT confuse our American pewter with something called "Mexican Pewter" which is another word for Aluminum.

Is there lead in your pewter?

Early pewter did contain lead, but all of our products are LEAD-FREE, as required by the U.S. government. Our pewter ingots are mixed specifically for us by a very reputable company in Rhode Island. 

Does pewter tarnish?

No. However, over time it will patina, or darken in color. This unique aging is what many people find endearing. For those who prefer the original luster, pewter polishes are available. Alternatively, we offer a “spa service” for our Measuring Spoons and Cups. This will restore most of their original luster.

If you are interested, please return your set(s) to us along with a check to Crosby & Taylor for $14.50 (Measuring Spoons), $29 (Measuring Cups) or $32 (Measuring Cups and Spoons). This includes return shipping and handling. Please allow 1 - 2 weeks for return.

Attn: Spa ServiceCrosby & Taylor
P.O. Box #1849
Lake Oswego, Oregon 97035

Why is pewter so cherished?

There is something incredibly special about a metal that has been in constant use by countless civilizations (including the ancient Chinese and Egyptians) for the past 2000 years. In 18th century America, pewter tankards, plates, and other serving pieces were a vital part of most households and taverns. 

Can I use my Crosby & Taylor Measuring Spoons and Cups (or are they just for decoration)?

All of our Spoons and Cups were designed to be used! However, please restrict your usage to scooping and measuring and never use them over any type of heat source. Additionally, we ask you to avoid scooping out hard brown sugar or frozen ice cream. Pewter is soft and these materials could bend your pieces!

Can I put my Crosby & Taylor Measuring Spoons and Cups in the dishwasher?

We suggest that you rinse your spoons and cups and hang them right back up. You will find that they will become some of your most treasured pieces (like your best kitchen knives) and you will enjoy taking care of them.

I'm confused - I thought your name was Tin Woodsman Pewter?

You are right - we started out as Tin Woodsman. In the beginning, every set of Measuring Spoons that we made was sold with a block of oak for mounting the Spoons on a kitchen wall (thus the nameTinWoodsman). But things have changed and evolved and, in 2008, I decided to update our name to Crosby & Taylor- in honor of two of my ancestors, Captain Crosby and Captain Taylor, who sailed out of Cape Cod to far and distant shores in search of beautiful things for American homes. We no longer need to sail away to sell beautiful things. We make them here ourselves! Same people - same products - same company - NEW name!